Benefits of Nasal Hygiene Sprays and Saline Rinses

Managing the symptoms of allergy flare-ups and blocked nose without medication can be a challenge. Luckily, nonmedicated solutions free of unwanted chemicals and potential interactions are available. Choose one with all-natural ingredients to help you with your allergies and nasal congestion without worry of drug side effects.1


What are Nasal Hygiene Sprays?

Nasal hygiene spray or saline nose spray is a liquid solution that is applied directly at the nostrils, to clear nasal passages of substances that cause congestion and irritation. By rinsing the nasal cavity of allergens to clear the nose of mucus, it lessens the risk of rhinitis and alleviates nasal symptoms. Think of it as washing, or rinsing, the insides of your nose.2

Nasal hygiene spray can be isotonic and hypertonic

An isotonic solution has the same salt concentration found naturally in the body (0.9% saline), making it gentle enough to clear, cleanse and hydrate again and again everyday. It is also the perfect choice for even the most sensitive and delicate noses of newborns to help restore nasal breathing and are considered safe to be used daily. On the other hand, hypertonic solution has a higher salt concentration than found in the body.3

Health Benefits of Nasal Hygiene Spray

Nasal hygiene spray or saline spray for nasal irrigation is recommended as part of the management of Allergic Rhinitis. Studies have shown reduction in nasal symptoms when it is added to a nasal steroid regimen. When used alone, it provides gentle, non-medicated relief by cleansing, hydrating and irrigating nasal passages. It effectively manages and relieves allergy symptoms that may be caused by:4

  • Airborne allergens
    Mold , pollen , dust mites , or pet dander often trigger allergies when you breathe them in and nasal hygiene spray can relieve cold-like respiratory flare-ups such as sneezing, runny or blocked nose.
  • Nasal symptoms due to infection
    If you’re sick with the common cold, flu, or sinusitis , nasal hygiene spray can be a supplement to your management plan. Use a nasal hygiene spray to relieve nasal congestion, itchiness, swelling, or sinus pressure or sinus pain related to these conditions.
  • Nasal surgery
    You can use a nasal hygiene spray to help nasal tissues recover from surgery. The saline solution helps lubricate your nasal passages post-surgery, keeping them from drying up. Sinus rinse with saline also disinfects and keeps inflammation at bay. Be sure to use according to the doctor's recommendation for best post-surgery results.

How to Use Nasal Hygiene Spray

Using the spray is simple. Follow the instructions below:5

  • Gently blow your nose before using the spray. This should clear excess mucus to allow the spray to enter your nasal passages.
  • Using one finger, press one nostril shut.
  • Place the applicator in the other nostril, aiming the tip toward the back of the nose. Be careful not to aim at the nasal septum, or the middle of the nose, which is a sensitive area.
  • Gently squeeze or pump the bottle for 1-2 seconds to release the spray.
  • Repeat the same procedure for the other nostril.
  • Remove and rinse the applicator thoroughly after each use.
  • For daily preventive use, use 1-2 times in each nostril a day. In case of nasal symptoms, use 4-6 times in each nostril a day.

All About Claricare® Nasal Hygiene Spray

Brought to you by Clarityn®, the leading allergy brand in the world, ClariCare® nasal hygiene spray is a drug-free solution you can use to alleviate symptoms of nasal allergy.

An isotonic diluted seawater solution, ClariCare® cleanses blocked nose and nasal passages, helping to restore healthy breathing. Nasal saline irrigation such as ClariCare® is clinically proven and recommended as part of your allergy management regimen.

Made with seawater sourced from the Bay of Saint Malo, France, ClariCare® contains natural seawater and is also preservative free and drug free. With no chemical additives, it’s a safe, all-natural alternative that you can turn to anytime you need to. Unlike oral antihistamine , you can use this spray as often as several times a day to breathe clearly and freely.